Email is very important.

Lots of people use it every day to
talk to others and send information.

Technology can improve someone’s quality of life.

Most of the internet is not easy to use
for people with intellectual disabilities.

One of the tools Able to Include are working on
is called “Able Mail”.

Able Mail is a type of email that is clear
and easy to use for people with intellectual disabilities.

It can change emails into easy-to-read text,
pictograms or read them out loud
so people with intellectual disabilities
can understand the message being sent to them.

Able to Include is doing tests on Able Mail to make sure
it meets the needs of persons with intellectual disabilities.
People with intellectual disabilities will use
the internet more if it is easy to use.

Using the internet helps people
to be more involved in society.

A new email service for persons with intellectual disabilities!

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