The AbleChat app will allow clients to talk with their caregivers by using pictograms. Conversations between clients will not be supported in the first version. The primary reason is that the need for moderation is unclear. Conversations between a client and his caregivers can be moderated by the caregivers themselves and any confusion or ambiguity can be resolved by the caregivers. This is not necessarily the case during a conversation between clients. Secondary reasons for not supporting this feature include time constraints and uncertainty regarding the demand for the feature.

The application can operate in either client or caretaker mode. This means there are no separate apps for clients and caretakers. This mode is determined during the app’s first use and can only be changed by resetting the app to prevent clients from changing the setting.

In client mode, the client only sees a simple chat history and controls to input text and submit messages. The client does not have to select the recipient for those messages. Similarly, the chat history shows messages from all the caretakers assigned to the client at that point. This approach prevents clients not getting a response when a specific caretaker is absent. All messages from and to a specific client are visible to all assigned caretakers.

In caretaker mode, the caretaker sees a list of clients assigned to them. A caretaker selects a client from this list to chat with. All messages sent between the caretaker and client are visible to the client and all assigned caretakers. Other clients cannot see the messages.


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