This important document calls for positive action among policy-makers, educators, researchers and communities. The Manifesto highlights that every single individual can contribute to reduce, and ultimately close, the digital division.

The ENTELIS Manifesto is a powerful document that aims to raise awareness of the digital divide that sees persons with disabilities excluded from the benefits of the digital revolution. European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society (ENTELIS) is a 3 years European project that addresses the digital divide by promoting collaboration in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and ICT Assistive Technologies (ICT AT) education to share knowledges across Europe. Partners from 10 countries are involved in the project, they have come together to collect, describe and assess good practices in ICT and ICT AT skills development of people with disabilities across Europe and to identify and map out future progress.

The document is now online for, civil society organisations, developers, academia and individuals alike to endorse it. To do this, you need to write down 5 priority actions you would undertake or recommend. People are encouraged to share the Manifesto or organize meetings to discuss its content and to develop some collaborative actions. Another way to show the support is by joining the Entelis network and sharing expertise and experience.

Entelis also invite you to their third annual seminar ‘Technology for unlocking human potential: roadmaps for closing the digital divide for people with disabilities’ which will be held in Brussels on the 19 October 2016 in the Thon Hotel EU coinciding with the celebration of the EASPD 20th anniversary.

Support the ENTELIS Manifesto!

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