Technology is nowadays a standard tool in our environment and in the way we interact with others. The use of technology offers possibilities for communication, entertainment and education for many people. But the management of this technology can be hindered by various barriers to some people or social groups. Persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) is one of these groups.

The European Project Able to include explores the development of technological support that can favor the use and training on technologies in all the life areas of people with ID. One of the support tools developed in the project is the “Able Mail”. This tool simplifies the interface of a personal email account and therefore encourages and simplifies the use of email by people with ID. It also includes three specific technologies developed by the project; the possibility that the mail text received is translated into easy reading, pictograms or text-to-speech.

The development of this tool has been carried out within this European project, by the Prodis Foundation, a Foundation providing the necessary support to people with ID to improve their quality of life and their families´, and Ariadna Computer Services, a company developing technology solutions. To develop this tool, a common process was carried out assessing the technological possibilities and needs of persons with ID. Currently, users and professionals at Prodis Foundation are making different assessments of the tool to improve and adapt it to all needs. Working hand in hand with Prodis, Ariadna wishes to improve the Able Mail in order to make it an inclusive tool for everyone.

Able Mail: an inclusive email reviewed by persons with intellectual disabilities

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