One of the simplest strategies to reduce the complexity inherent in decoding text information present in an array of technologies is to incorporate a technology that reads the text out loud. ABLE-TO-INCLUDE will incorporate this existing technology as another channel that overlaps the other technologies and improves communication. There are several open-source tools available on the market performing this function. Specifically, most smartphones’ operating systems come with an easy to implement tool to transform text to speech. Other technologies include the developments created at an academic level: Flite from the Carnegie Mellon University and Festival developed by the Edinburgh University are some of the highest quality ones. Other solutions include OpenMaryFreeTTS or eSpeak. Modern smart phones operating systems already include this technology as an integral part of the system, making its use for apps fairly transparent.

Using the summarizing capabilities of Simplext, the user will be able to listen to the key information and access an on-demand reading of the complete content.



We have integrated the OpenSource eSpeak solution. Try it here!