ABLE social app

The Able to Include Social App helps people
with intellectual disabilities to use Social Media.

Social Media is a tool for people to share things
with their friends online.

App is short for Application, which is software
designed for your mobile phone.

The Able to Include App technology works
as a layer over the original Social Media.

First users click the Social App and
then select which Social Media service they want to use.
For example, Facebook.

From inside the App they can click on a block of text

and the App will read it out loud or show them it in
pictograms or Easy-to-Read form.

The App is designed to make Social Media easy to use,
not to have a “safe” or cut down version.

It will be the real social media service,
the same as for everyone else.

It does offer short videos on how to use social media safely
which you can choose to watch if you want.

The first model of the Social App is available now.

First model of Able to Include’s Social App is out

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