The main aim of the Able to Include Project  is to improve the life of people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) by helping them interact with the information society.  As accessing the labour market is a priority for many people with disabilities, Able to Include has developed a usage scenario that employs ICT solutions to help people with IDD transition from education to the job market.

This scenario is currently being piloted in Spain, and is running is in the framework of a teaching programme Fundación Prodis has developed to help people with intellectual disabilities integrate in a work environment . Students develop technical skills crucial  in a work environment, such as handling banking and documentation, mailing, archiving, and accounting, among others.

For people with intellectual disabilities, usual job-related tasks may include:

  • Document management (filing, sorting, retrieving, scanning documents)
  • Internal mail delivery, attendance to post and bank offices.
  • Photocopying, control of printers’ toner level, ordering office supplies, etc.
  • Registering employees’ vacation requests, listing the company’s providers, checking information on customers and workers, or the entry of different sort of data.
  • Receiving, sorting, and sending emails and faxes.

Being able to send emails is also an essential task in the day to day activity of people with intellectual disabilities, although this poses quite a lot of problems for some of them. To help, ATI partners, Ariadna S.I. and Fundación Prodis are collaborating to develop an easy, open source e-mail client, adapted to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. The e mail client will offer users the possibility of converting text into pictograms, speech or simplifying it until it becomes easy-to-read.

The interface will be very easy to use, with basic, clearly-defined functionalities (new e-mail, inbox, outbox), and will be accessible for people with different types of disabilities, or different levels of computer skills.

New email server to help people with intellectual disabilities access the labour market

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