Fundación Prodis is a non-profit organization, declared of public interest by the Spanish authorities. Its mission is to improve family, school, work and social integration of children and young adults with intellectual disability. Fundación Prodis actions focuses on all types of educational and rehabilitating activities for children and young adults with intellectual disability, with the purpose of offering them the best attention possible in a wide range of areas.

  • Educational programs
  • Job Insertion Program: The goal is for the student to acquire, after two years of training in the classroom, adequate qualifications be able to access the labour market.
  • Social Skills Project: A course has been designed for teaching social and behavioural skills, to ensure better acceptance of children and young adults with mental disabilities. The program has also been applied in the context of the family. The outcome has been the publication of two books/manuals for families and teachers: “TU Y YO” (You and I).
  • Reading and Writing Skills Method: Fundación Prodis has financed the development of a reading and writing learning method. This method is specially designed for children with special education needs and covers from the first acquisition to the perfection of the reading process, reading comprehension and the production of written texts. Teacher and student material have been designed and produced.
  • On-going education for professionals and parents: Fundación Prodis has financed the attendance of several professionals to special courses and congresses on the education of special needs students. Furthermore, a School for Parents has been created, and 63 families have attended three seminars on Developing the Social Habits of the Mentally Disabled.

Previous projects in the same field

Fundación Prodis has been very active in R&D projects. The organization leads, along with partner ASI, Madrid4Inclusion Living Lab, officially recognized at the 3th wave by ENoLL, with the purpose of testing several technological developments for mental disabled people’s welfare. FP is also working at different R&D Spanish projects for the development of technological products for work inclusion and learning.

  • CISVI Research Communities for Health and Independent Living is a unique project in the strategic nature framed Avanza I+D sub-program of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.
  • eduWAI Platform for creating educational contents and employment for the disabled people.