The National Microelectronics Applications Centre (MAC) was established in 1981, by the Irish Government, to provide consultancy and complete innovative electronic, software and e-business/e-government technological solutions.

MAC is an ICT SME with a 30 year track record of delivering to tight schedules with industry, SMEs and public agencies to assess and assist entrepreneurial and innovative technical solutions. MAC is particularly strong in managing distributed development teams in various organisations for on-time and on-budget delivery of technical developments, building on its strong project management, experience of productising technology applications and distributed systems development expertise. MAC has participated in many EU RTD projects.

Previous projects in the same field

MAC has extensive experience in ICT research projects, including:

  • I2Web (Inclusive Future-Internet Web Services).  FP7 ICT STREP. Making interactive and Social Networking accessible for disabled and elderly people, based on User-Centred and Inclusive Design.
  • GAME-ABLING. FP7 Research for SMEs. Developing a software technology for the creation of accessible games to improve the physical activity of disabled people.
  • HABITATS (Social Validation of INSPIRE Annex III Data Structures in EU Habitats). CIP PSP ICT project. Adoption of INSPIRE standards through a Social Networking Web 2.0 participatory process to design and validate Data, Metadata and Services Specifications with real citizens and business.
  • OKKAM (Enabling the Web of Entities – A scalable and sustainable solution for systematic and global identifier reuse in decentralized information environments). FP7 ICT Programme
  • EuroPetition – is an eParticipation Preparatory Action project managed and coordinated by MAC with 5 clusters involving 19 Local Authorities across Europe. EuroPetition is an open-source trans-European ePetitions service using the latest Web 2.0 online services to coordinate local, cross-border and pan-European European Parliament and European Citizen Initiative (ECI) europetitions from citizens.
  • CitizenScape is another eParticipation Preparatory Action project managed and coordinated by MAC working with 4 Local Authorities across Europe.
  • eParticipate (The eParticipation Trans-European Network for Democratic Renewal and Citizen Engagement). This eTEN project market validated the pan-European deployment of an online eParticipation system in 4 regions across Europe.
  • CALIBRE – MAC managed this Coordination Action project involving 11 of the leading authorities on open source software under FP6 (IST) to integrate and coordinate European open source software research and practice, and foster the effective transfer of open source best practice to European industry.