Building Bridges Training (in short, BBT)
is an organisation from the United Kingdom.
They talked to many people with intellectual disabilities
to find out what type of technology their use
and what they do when they go online.
They found out that three quarters of the people
had access to internet.
Most of them went on the internet from home.
Most people went on Facebook, Google, YouTube,
and on videogame sites.
They also used the Internet to shop, to find things
about their hobbies, and to read about sport.
Many people liked tablets best.
They thought tablets were fast,
thought they were easy to take with you everywhere
and had many useful apps.
Some people also found going online difficult.
They thought websites needed too many passwords
and that payments were too hard for them to do online.
They were also worried that people they didn’t know
could see their personal information.
People with intellectual disabilities like Facebook most