In October and the beginning of November, Able to Include partner Thomas More held their first two rounds of focus groups designed specifically for people with intellectual disabilities. Working together with applied psychology students who will write their theses on the focus groups, they interviewed many enthusiastic participants who were happy to discuss their experiences with social media.

Thomas More also invited the same participants to train them about the all possibilities that using social media could open up for them. Occupational therapy students created a game for them that included three types of tasks: a “to do” task, multiple choice questions and a bonus challenge. The tasks included learning how to work with a tablet, opening the right application, posting a picture on Facebook, leave a comment on someone’s profile, or having a video conversation. While learning and enjoying themselves, participants helped the organisers collect a large amount of relevant data.

Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be invited one last time to exchange all their findings, experiences and ideas in another round of two focus groups. This will give Thomas More the opportunity to check if their hypotheses are correct, confirm data already collected or gather additional information, and to ask some more in-depth questions after analysing the first two gatherings.

People with intellectual disabilities take part in Thomas More focus groups