The Able to Include project seeks to improve the living conditions of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). There are many technological tools focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities, BUT most of them are not accessible to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, resulting in the exclusion of people with IDD from the information society.

The project Able to Include will integrate a set of existing technologies to create an open-source and context aware accessibility layer which, when integrated with current and future ICT tools, can improve the daily life of people with IDD by understanding their personal situations and helping them to interact with the information society. The project will test the accessibility layer in 3 usage scenarios over a 14 month period. However the project wants to go beyond the selected usage scenarios: Able to Include will produce an open source Software Developer Kit (SDK) that will foster the introduction of a communications accessibility layer for people with IDD in any software development environment. This will be done by steering the creation on an open-source community including software developers and users.