Thomas More is a University in Belgium.
They are also partners in the Able to Include Project.
Thomas More wanted to see what people with
intellectual disabilities know about social media
and what they expect when they go online.
Thomas More organised a focus group.
They sat down with a group of people with intellectual disabilities to see how they use social media.
The group could try different applications,
like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
and talk about what they think.
Thomas More found that people with intellectual disabilities
and very interested in social media.
If people have large networks on social media
they are more likely to want to use it.
Even people who had never tried social media
were excited about learning how to use it
and about the opportunities it could give them.
People with intellectual disabilities told researchers
that they prefer applications that are easy to use
such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype.
They did not use Twitter so much.
People with intellectual disabilities use social media
to keep in contact with friends and family members.
They generally talked to people they knew in real life.
In particular, they liked to take and share pictures.
Some of the people with disabilities also had some problems.
Some found the letters of the keyboard too small
or had a hard time trying to spell words.
All their thoughts and suggestions
will be used to develop
the new Able to Include accessible programs.
What do people with intellectual disabilities like to do on social media?